A Child Arrangement Order is a lengthy and stressful process and there may be a couple of hearings depends upon the severity of the individual matter if safeguarding issues and domestic violence is involved then after a First Hearing and Dispute Resolution Appointment (FHDRA) there will be a fact-finding hearing which can last for two days or even more.

How to apply for the Child arrangement Order in London.

To apply for it you must first contact the mediation services then file form C100 to the family court, please note that England is divided into 4 jones now therefore if you are living in london then your application must be submitted to Bury St Edmunds family court.

Once you submit a child arrangement order application to the family court then the court will allocate a First Hearing for dispute resolution appointment, and will consider the CAFCASS advice given to the court, if you are the applicant then you should draft your position statement and serve it to the court and to the other party before the date of the hearing, and if other party does not agree with your position then he/she will subsequently will submit his/her position statment in response to your stating why the child contact agrangeement order should not be granted to the applicant.

If the court find that the applicant is not suitable then the court will direct the CAFCASS officer to provide a Section 7 report. A section 7 report is a detailed report in addtion to an initial assessment.

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