To apply for the Child Contact Order you need to:

a) Write to the respondent about your intention and proposal

b) Must contact mediation services 

c) Apply to the Family Court by filling in Form C100

d) Caffcass (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) officer will prepare a report after conducting an interview of both the parties or of the children which merely depend on the age of the children

e) At first hearing and dispute resolution appointment (FHDRA) the Cafcass will provide the report to the Family Court Judge if there are safeguarding issues or domestic violence is involved then the Family Court Judge will recommend and direct the Cafcass Officer to provide Section 7 report.

f) Then the matter will be referred for the fact-finding hearing, however, prior to that the respondent needs to provide the list of allegations on Scott Schedule.

f) Fact-Finding hearing: At the time of fact-finding hearing Family Court Judge will examine the facts and evidence present before him/her, fact-finding hearing can be for the entire day or for two days or even more.

So to apply for child contact order feel free to get in touch with our specialist family law solicitors.