Family law proceedings are stressful therefore one should contact a Matrimonial specialist Solicitors.

We assist, advise and represent individuals with the various family law issues (Matrimonial Specialist):

a) Divorce: On the basis of unreasonable behavior, adultery, 2 years separation with consent, 5 years separation, and desertion. The court fee to file a divorce petition is £550.00 and it can be filed online, however, should you wish to file a paper application then you can at this point in time but it may discontinue in near future. If you are intending to file an online divorce petition then you need to upload an original marriage certificate.

b) Child Contact Order or Child Arrangement Order: To initiate a Child Contact Arrangement Order (CAO) application you need to submit a C100 form at the family court, however prior to that you need to contact mediation services otherwise the court will not accept your application.

c) Non Molestation Order: If you are being controlled, threatened, abused, intimidated, or facing domestic violence then you can apply for a non-molestation order at the family court.

d) Financial Arrangement Order: To apply for a Financial Arrangement Order, first of all, you need to put forward your proposal to the other party and if/she/he do not agree then you can file a Form A, but it always sensible if you and your ex-partner agree to split the assets, if not then you and your ex-partner can attend mediation meeting, if not then you and your ex-partner need to fill in Financial statement for a financial order Form E.

There are three stages:

  • the first appointment – a short hearing with the judge to discuss your application
  • financial dispute resolution (FDR) appointment – to help you agree without needing a final hearing (you might need more than one appointment)
  • final hearing – if you’re not able to agree, this is when a judge will decide how you must separate your finances

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