We cover various fields of law;

a) Immigration: Immigration Appeals, Judicial Review, Human Rights Claim, Immigration Bail, Injunction Against Deportation Order, Child born in the UK.

b) Divorce and Family law: Non-molestation and occupation order, financial arrangement order, prenuptial agreement, Consent Order, Ancillary Relief, Child Contact Order

c) Landlord and Tenant Disputes: Section 21 notice to quit, unlawful eviction, Rent arrears, Notice of Possession, Warrant of POssession

d) Compromise or Settlement agreement: Redundancy Offered

e) Employment Law: Unfair dismissal, Constructive dismissal, breach of terms of employment contract, Discrimination

f) Civil litigation: Disputes between companies, debt recovery, breach of contractual terms of the agreement

g) Consent Order:

h) Criminal Law: Assault, Assault by beating, Theft, Burglary, Rape, Murder..etc

i) Road Traffic Offences: Hit and run, drink and drive, driving without a valid driving license, Driving without an MOT

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