Instead of divorce lots of couple wish to apply for judicial separation UK.

Judicial separation empowers you to live apart without divorcing or ending a civil relationship.

You can apply for legal/judicial separation uk on the following reasons:

i) You have religious reason against divorce

ii) you have been married or in civil relationship for less than a year

iii) You want time and space to work out if you want to end the marriage or civil relationship.

You need fill-in form D 8 and sent three copies to the family court, the court fee to apply for Legal/Judicial separation is £365.00, you can get help with fees and can apply for a fee waiver if you are on benefits.

Our fee to apply for legal separation of straight forward case not contested or defended would be £800.00, however for complicated cases we will charge on hourly rate basis i.e. £220.00/hour

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