Our lawyers in London endeavour a steadfast commitment to meeting your needs, as quickly as possible, our London solicitors deliver thoughtful, results-focused and pragmatic advice. and that we never lose sight of your objectives. By taking the time to urge to understand you, from start to end we remove the strain from your shoulders, with minimal disruption to your life. This frees you up to specialise in what’s important.

So, once you work with us, we would offer you options you haven’t even thought of. Our proactive approach also ensures that we spot any potential issues and find ways to figure around these before they become an issue. No-jargon, no smoke and mirrors, no drowning you in paperwork. Just the best standards of care and counsel from our knowledgeable and experienced London team. Ultimately, we believe that our lawyers in London/solicitors in London success springs from our clients, our people, and our reputation. Consequently, we confirm these are treated with the utmost of care.

Our lawyers in London cover vast range to legal field such as;

a) Divorce

b) Child contact order

c) Non molestation order

d) Injunction

e) Prohibited steps order

f) Financial arrangement order

g) Occupation order

Landlord and Tenant Disputes:

a) section 21 notice to quit

b) Unlawful eviction

c) Rent arrears

Immigration Law/Immigration Rules:

a) Immigration appeals: spouse visa appeals, family and private life visa refusal appeals, asylum claims refused, human rights appeals, Indefinite leave to remain refusal appeals.

b) Judicial review

c) Tier 2 visa

d) Apply for sponsors license

e) Administrative review

f) Sole representative visa

g) Elderly dependent visa

h) Visitor visa

i) EEA family permit

j) apply for EU settlement

Commercial leases

Grant of a lease

Lease extension

Power of attorney

Change of name deed

Certificate of documentation

Road traffic offence; drink and drive, hit and run, driving without a license or no insurance.